Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption

By Donna Barr

Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption has been formally in existence since 1996.  Prior to that, many of our core group have been actively involved in Greyhound Adoption since the mid 70's when the first official adoption group was born. 

It has been refreshing, to say the least, to watch such a wonderful and innovative program such as Race For Adoption, emerge.  The fact that the financial assistance revolves around the activity that drives the greyhound racing machine, racing, and several of the main players are from the racing industry is very gratifying. 

Northern Lights, like many groups, is focused on education as it pertains to Greyhounds as pets, as well as the proper placement of retired Greyhounds into loving forever homes.  We have a fabulous group of volunteers who do everything from fostering, to Newsletters, to fundraising, to the adoption process to support of adopters, to you name it.  We work closely with an area Animal Hospital, and many of our expenses are at cost, we therefore are able to get more bang for our buck.  We repair broken limbs or any other physically restrictive condition that is repairable.  The majority of our dogs come from Eastern Wisconsin, Iowa, and Kansas City.  We are officially a Neutral group as it pertains to racing. 

We have only recently begun to reap the benefits of Race For Adoption, the lovely little miss who runs for us is a girl called NO COVER BECKI.  We are all rooting for Becki, and wish to thank her owners the Johnson's, who by the way will be bringing her home upon retirement. We wish to thank the Founders of Race For Adoption for being so caring, and demonstrating to the world that The world of Greyhound Racing does CARE.