Behind the Scenes

It took a lot of dedicated people to put together. Here is the RaceForAdoption Team:

Dennis McKeon - The Inspiration & RaceForAdoption Team Member

Race For Adoption was conceived by former track trainer Dennis McKeon, a lifelong racing professional and greyhound breed enthusiast. He had the good fortune to work under the auspices of Pat Dalton and Don Cuddy, the legendary Irish breeder and trainer.

He had limited experience raising and breeding and became interested in greyhound geneology as soon as he was exposed to the breed in the late 60s.

Today he is an idependent - and FREE - resource to breeders who wish to explore their greyhound's heritage and likes to do whatever he can to aid in the adoption process.


Bob Fine - RaceForAdoption Team Member

 In 2001 Bob Fine had the good fortune of attending the dedication of a local greyhound adoption center and immediately fell in love with these regal athletes. Wanting to know more about our boy's background, he spent much time researching him and developed a fascination with their rich heritage.

Bob's interest in the breed and the sport continually grows, and much of his free time is now devoted to adoption work. He considers it an honor to be able to participate in the development of this project which is hopefully the start of an industry trend.

Martin Roper - RaceForAdoption Team Member

Martin Roper is a middle school teacher in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Formerly, he was a financial representative for a major Wall Street securities firm and served in the U.S. Navy, including Operation Desert Storm.

He adopted his first greyhound in 1993 and shortly thereafter developed an interest in greyhound racing, history and genealogy. He is on the staff of, an invaluable resource for greyhound owners and breeders. He entered the entire contents of both volumes of Great Names In Greyhound Pedigrees, by Gary Guccione, into the database and added biographical information on a number of famous or influential greyhounds.

Martin coordinated the membership drive for and is exploring expanding the program to other kennels, tracks and adoption programs.

Angela Wilson-Taylor - RaceForAdoption Team Member
  Details soon
Ryan Reed - Photos - Photo used in RFA Logo

In 1989, Ryan adopted his first retired racer and joined Greyhound Pets of America as an adoption volunteer the following year, a role he served in for many years.

Currently, he is a full-time student attending Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington and contributes feature-length articles to the Greyhound Review. Ryan continues to be an advocate for the sport of Greyhound racing and adoption.

Mick Ryan - Photos
Mick Ryan, who has provided many of the photos used on this site, has been involved with greyhounds his entire life. The grandson of greyhound Hall Of Fame pioneer, James Ryan. Mick recently redesigned and launched the Hall Of Fame website in its current updated format.

Mick, along with with his brother John, run a successful breeding farm and raise many of the dogs for a major New England kennel. The Ryans are strong adoption advocates and work closely with local groups in their area.
Jeffrey Yen - Photos
Jeffrey Yen lives in Portland working as a full time law student, part time photographer and with Multnomah Greyhound Park's adoption program.  As a greyhound fanatic he regularly attends the races and keeps his own pet "kennel" at home.  It was just recently that he began applying his photographic experience to his greyhound passion and has enjoyed working with the track, the owners, the trainers and, most especially, the dogs.
Steve Schlachter - Photos
While in the service, Steve went to Plainfield Greyhound Park opening night in 1975 and was hooked.  Steve went back to his home state (Missouri) in 1977 and visited the late Stan Craig in Kansas and bought his first brood.  He  bred her to the "The Headliner, Imp. and raised his first litter in 1977.  This female was an "I Whiz" bitch and the pups raced at Wonderland and  Plainfield.  Steve is now retired and raises 1-2 litters a year.  Steve is committed to adoption and works with the adoptions groups in placing all his retired racers.
Wendy Hamilton - Whelping to Farm Life

Born and raised in Michigan, Wendy attended Michigan State University and studied Mechanical Engineering.  She recently relocated to Louisiana and attends Louisiana State University where she is pursuing a B.S. in Finance.  She manages Stonehaven Racing Greyhounds, Inc., where she races greyhounds ‘globally’ and plans breedings for her brood females.

Her other involvements include web development for several greyhound-related websites through Stonehaven and CEO of (the world's largest online greyhound racing community).  She also developed the greyhound pedigree database for TesioPower 2000 for Greyhounds. This is an advanced pedigree research tool that utilizes the theories of Federico Tesio's line-breeding guidelines. 

Wendy has been a member of the National Greyhound Association since 1998. (Shown at right with Clarinka Tom, Elbony Flight and Clarinka Best)

RUWebby, LLC - Website Design & Programming

Erika became interested in Greyhounds after seeing a gentleman walk his Greyhound through the street market where she lived near London, England. She pet the calm and pretty light brindle and thought he was beautiful. A few weeks later after some internet research her husband and herself ended up adopting a red brindle boy from Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare and they became infatuated. Erika has a long history with the Harness racing world and making the jump to Greyhound racing was easy.

About 6 months after Woody came home they "chipped" and a lovely fawn female whom they named Charlie, fell instantly in love with Woody, and became a loved member of the family. Today, Woody and Charlie enjoy life in the US, with a big fenced yard to run around in and enjoy. They share treats and affection with 4 cats (Snoopy [from England], PigPen, Linus and Sally) and an Italian Greyhound named Spike - but the greys are always the stars of the show.

Erika and Phil enjoy doing what they can do for the Greyhound world, utilizing their website design and programming skills to help spread the word or make it easier for others to do so. When the opportunity to work on such a fabulous program like came around, they jumped at it.