Pups Without Partners - CT

By Penny Zwart

Pups Without Partners is a 501c3 Charity.
We are a greyhound only adoption program.
Our sole mission is to place retired greyhounds into loving homes when their careers are over.

We maintain a kennel located at Shoreline Star Greyhound Park in Bridgeport CT
from the months of October to April. During the racing season we do not have the use of a kennel building.
Shoreline Star is a seasonal track which runs from May To October.
There are 6 kennels that run at Shoreline, each kennel holds approx. 120 greyhounds during the racing season.

During the racing season adoptions are slow as the kennels bring in only greyhounds who are active - we may only have 60-80 in the 5.5 months  that need placement.

Its the seasonal closing that is very troublesome.

At the end of the racing season here each year between 250-300 greyhounds are left without a place to go.  Most still could race at a lower grade track, but most of those tracks are already overflowing with active greyhounds. We have actually retired many track records holders here and placed them for adoption. Once the track closes, Pups Without Partners gets into full swing. We have 4-5 paid kennel helpers as well as myself and a handful of dedicated volunteers. We spend roughly 2 weeks profiling and getting to know each dog that has been cleared for adoption and released into the kennel ( once the racing kennels move out we get our kennel back). Last year we took up 3 buildings which each held 62 dogs, plus another half kennel of 30. So we were in charge of over 200 greyhounds that had nowhere to go. Once we sorted and profiled we called in assistance from many of our loyal adoption groups and held open houses here for interested parties to meet the greyhounds. Our in house program roughly placed 100 greyhounds for 2004-2005 season. The outside adoption groups have absorbed the rest. 


Race For Adoption:
By our program being chosen as a recipient we have been able to surgically repair 5 greyhounds legs. These greyhounds would have had to be euthanised if not for these additional funds and our medical fund being able to foot the bill. We have been able to provide much needed medical attention to other greyhounds as well. Race For Adoption monies have cushioned the medical fund better than we could have ever asked for. We have not spent all of the monies yet they will carry over into next season. We still hold fundraisers to supply funds to the medical fund and do not solely rely on Race for Adoption funds.



I can tell you I have had to reflect on what this has all meant to me both on a personal and professional basis. Personally it has reinforced the fact that 100% adoption of adoptable greyhounds is a reachable number. With the help of owners like Larry (Birnbaum) & Henry Howe it can become a reality sooner then we think. Professionally it has made me more aware of the improvements made by the industry as a whole. After all, if greyhound racing is to survive we must all work together to strengthen our foothold on public relations. All of the wonderful generous people who have donated to RFA have helped us make adoption the only option for retired greyhounds.
On behalf of my staff I would like to thank all of those involved with RFA. It has made things a little easier for us this year.

Costs involved with our greyhounds:-
Kennel Helpers $8.00 each 40 hours a week
Vet Care Female $125.00 spay & dental * Per dog* routine
male $125.00 neuter & Dental  *per dog* routine
Vaccinations $60.00* per dog
Heartworm test $8.00 * per dog
Frontline $3.00 * per dog
Hauling $45.00-$75.00 * per dog

Photos, from top: Bandit Dabolique with owner Ken Ruzika; Witty Bess; Lucy, a happy retiree from Shoreline Star