Project Racing Home

By Kimberley Jewell

I would just like to say a HUGE Thank You to Henry Howe and Bill Lambert for their very generous 100% donation of Mandys Choo Choo's winings. PRH received the first check ...$367.53!!! Today I went to the feed store! $367.53 will feed our kennel, which is currently housing 42+ dogs on a daily basis, for almost 3 weeks! Thankfully we will be able to save more than $350 of our capital because of this wonderful RFA plan! This means we can use the saved revenue on things we desperately need like vaccines, flea control and preventatives, heartworm meds and antibiotics!

Thank you!!! Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!!

Just to give people an idea of what RFA can do and WHY it is so important...

$367.53 can equate to several helpful things to us.
What it means to PRH is...

*3 Spays/neuters and dentals
*one months insurance and gas for the vehicle used to transport the dogs to and from the vets office
*one month electric bill and security bill
*50 annual vaccines and 50 Bordetella vaccines

We can't do this without generous help!!
Thank you!!