Breeding Decisions
Whistler's Stud, a black male bred by Larry Birnbaum, is by Craigie Whistler out of EE's Speed Dream.

Craigie Whistler, by Molotov out of Oshkosh Twist, was purchased at the Fall 1999 NGA Auction for $25,500 and could turn out to be one of the greatest auction purchases in history. He won the 2001 Derby Lane Sprint Classic final over a stellar field that included All Americans Dominator, Courageous Nicky, and BD's Phillip. He also ran second in the King & Queen Stake, third in the Fan's All-Star Stake and ran fourth in the 2000 Sprint Classic. His brothers Craigie Whisper and Craigie Glen made the finals of the Wheeling Downs Labor Day Classic and the Tampa Speed Classic respectively. His career at stud got off to a rousing start and he is currently breeding on average 30 to 40 times a month and is on a pace to be the #1 sire in the country by 2006. Molotov, by HB's Commander out of Mystic Rose, had only seven races in his career, but set track records in three of them before breaking a leg after which he was retired to stud. Molotov's fantastic conformation made an impression early on—one breeder who had brought his best bitch to Ryan Farms to be bred to Molotov's uncle, Great Son, the 1994 Hollywood World Classic winner and All American, noticed Molotov in the next pen and liking what he saw, asked who he was. Even though he hardly recognized the name he bred his female to Molotov. What was an unlucky break for Molotov's racing career proved to be a lucky one for breeders as his first pups broke in were fast. He broke into the Sire Standings at #53 in 1998, leapt to first in 1999 and has been there ever since. As he was injured young and his stud career began early, it is likely that he could sustain his #1 status into the foreseeable future, but he was stricken with a prostate condition and was rendered sterile—his current crop of pups, sired in 2002, is his last. His influence will be felt for decades to come, however, as more than 30 Molotov sons and hundreds of daughters are already carrying his legacy into the future. In 2003 Molotov was brought by Ryan Farms to witness the final of the $207,000 Great American Futurity, in which the winning sire was not in doubt as every contestant in the race was his son or daughter, believed to be record. Mystic Rose is by Blendway out of Tingler. Her brother, Great Son, was an All-American in 1994. He won the 1994 Hollywood World Classic and the Hollywood Invitational, ran second in the Southland Inaugural and the Biscayne Irish-American, third in the Palm Beach St. Patrick's Day Stake, and was a finalist in the Hollywoodian. Blendway, by Perceive out of Buzz Off, was a 1990 All American. He won the 1990 Kansas City Sprint Championship and the Coor's Superstar Championship, ran second in the Winter Sprint Classic and Sunflower Stake, and was a Kansas Shootout finalist. In 1991 he was runner-up in the Winter Sprint Classic and the People's Choice feature. He retired with a career mark of 61-32-14 in 144 starts and over $250,000 in earnings. Perceive won the 1981 Derby Lane Gold Trophy Juvenile and Festival of States Stakes, the 1982 Derby Lane Inaugural Kings and Queens Stake, and the Southland track championship with 25 wins. He was named to three All-America Teams, from 1981 to 1983, one of only five greyhounds, along with Mo Kick, L.L.'s Doug, Miss Whirl, and his great-grandsire Westy Whizzer, so honored. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990. Buzz Off, by Kunta Kinte out of Benatar, is one of only two females elected to the Hall of Fame solely on her production as a brood (Kinto Nebo is the other). In addition to her sons by Perceive; Blendway, Bartie and Braddy, she produced the fine sires Bara Buzz and Buzz Around, and many fine daughters, the most important of which are Betty Bee, dam of 80-race winner Betty N Ed, and Being Brave, dam of 1995 All American Willowrun Becky. Tingler is by Dillard* out of Devious Lady. Dillard* was purchased by Keith Dillon on a trip to Ireland in 1971. On the way to the airport his driver asked if he'd like to see a litter of newborn greyhounds and since he had a little time, he went. He bought the four pups on sight and the rest is history. Dillard* figures strongly in the pedigrees of the two most successful sires in America today, Molotov and Gable Dodge. Devious Lady can also be found in the dam-line of Craigie Whistler's nemesis, Dominator, a 2000 All-American and the first greyhound ever to win the Rural Rube and Flashy Sir Awards in the same year.

Oshkosh Twist is by Oshkosh Tease out of Oshkosh Riddle. Oshkosh Tease, by PK's Jet out of Oshkosh Buffy, won the 1988 Southland Au Revoir, the 1989 Derby Lane King & Queen, and the Derby Lane Matinee Idol and ran second in the 1988 Greyhound Race of Champions at Southland. He was the 1989 St. Pete track co-champ winning 14 of 28. PK's Jet, by Kelly Jones out of Oshkosh Bunny, won 1980 Cloverleaf Sprint championship and ran second in the 1979 Mile High Challenge. He peaked at seventh in the 1986 and 1987 Sire Standings and was in the top-20 from 1985 through 1989. Pecos Cannon was the 1974 Rural Rube Award winner. He started his brilliant career winning the 1973 Mobile Puppy Derby and the 1974 Palm Beach Match Race Series. He was the Palm Beach track champion in 1974 with 21 wins. He had 35 wins in 51 career starts, but broke a leg in a Daytona schooling race and was retired to stud. He was the #1 U.S. sire in 1981 and was in the top-10 from 1980 through 1984. Oshkosh Riddle, by Unruly out of Oshkosh Benefit, was a fine racer in her own right—she won 7 of 12 races at Mile High in 1988. The star of her litter, however, was Oshkosh Racey. He was captain of the 1988 All-America team and won the 1988 Rural Rube Award enroute to induction into the Hall of Fame in 2001. He was 15th in the 1993 Sire Standings, 4th in 1994, 5th in 1995, 5th again in 1996 and peaked at 2nd in 1997. Unruly, by Kelly Jones out of Skillful, was one of the finest greyhounds to ever grace a track. He was the 1981 Flashy Sir Award winner, won the Timberline at Denver's Mile High, two editions of the $120,000 Hollywoodian, and ran second in the Rhode Island Derby, the Biscayne Derby; and the Flagler International. He had 83 career wins, mostly in stakes races, and $190,000 in career earnings. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1988. Through his sons Oshkosh Racey, Jock's Warrior, My Unruly Dan, and a host of fine daughters he still exerts a powerful influence on American pedigrees. Oshkosh Benefit, by Oshkosh Champ out of Oshkosh Cash, was 4-2-0 in nine starts at Mile High 1983. She was 10th in both the 1988 and 1989 Dam Standings. Oshkosh Champ won the 1974 Carl McAdam Memorial at Cloverleaf, the 1976 Interstate Inaugural and was a 1975 Hollywood World Classic finalist. He compiled a 59-39-38 in 205 career starts and $55,000 career earnings in an era when a new Corvette was one tenth of that total.

EE's Speed Dream, by HB's Commander out of Chara, was a top-grade and stakes contender at Southland. HB's Commander, who appears for a second time in a rare 2x3 cross, is by Akbar out of Princess Donna. There is no question that he is the most important sire since Tell You Why*. No fewer than 110 sires are already descended from him in the nine short years since his death in 1994, at age seven, of an aneurysm. One can only speculate how dominant he might have become if he had lived even to age ten. His powerful legacy almost never happened. He was injured shortly after he broke in at Southland in 1988. Though he showed great promise, his racing record was an enigma, his sire Akbar was an unknown, and his dam Princess Donna was an obscure daughter of the great Downing. Understandably scorned by many breeders, his sire career was late in blossoming until it was found that his few early pups could really run. A breeding deluge ensued culminating in an even greater breeding phenomenon, his sons Molotov and Oswald Cobblepot. Whelped in 1994, they have sired some 10,000 pups combined. Akbar, by Kelton out of Keen Girl, was a top-grade performer at Southland and Hollywood—he was from a deep litter that ran out more than $200,000 in prizes. Kelton, by Tara Bounder out of Karla Jones, won the 1977 Wonderland Future Champions Stake and was 14-7-5 in 47 starts that season. Tara Bounder never won a major stake, but he was a top hot-box competitor at Derby Lane racing against the likes of Kelly Jones, Cape Capri, Bullawn Lad*, Talk of the Town, and Share Profit*. In addition to Kelton, other important Karla Jones sons were Firelite, 1979 Derby Lane Festival Stakes winner and top-20 sire 1984 through 1988; his brother Empire, in the pedigree of Dominator; and Big Ziggy, winner of the Derby Lane Distance Classic and a top-20 sire from 1983 to 1987. Keen Girl, by B. Whiz out of Leah J., was also from a fine litter, led by Ivory Coast, that won 238 races. B. Whiz was a member of the "litter of the century" which won an incredible 399 races, a record likely to stand for decades if not forever. Princess Donna is by Downing out of Broxsie. Downing, by Big Whizzer out of Hooker's Flower, won the 1977 Hollywood World Classic, Hollywood Futurity, Biscayne Irish-American, and the Wonderland Battle of Ages He set a 5/16ths track record at Black Hills and a 3/8ths track record at Lincoln in a qualifying heat for the American Derby in which he defeated the great distance female Malka by a step in one of the most memorable races in history. Downing never ran in a class C or B race. After consecutive overpowering wins in his Maiden and Class D races, Downing's handlers did the unthinkable—they entered a pup with just two professional races to his credit in the most prestigious sprint in the country, the Hollywood World Classic. Downing decimated the field. He appeared in Sports Illustrated and on national TV and went on to an equally brilliant sire career. He was enshrined in the U.S. Greyhound Hall of Fame in 1984. Big Whizzer had a brief, but spectacular racing career. He went 9-1-0 in his first 10 starts at Biscayne, set a track record at Flagler, and made the finals of the Flagler Classic before succumbing to injury. He often won by huge margins, but the knock on him was that he couldn't run from behind. He was fourth in the 1979 Sire Standings and tenth in 1980 and sired such greats as Downing, Blazing Red and Jimmy's Smile. Hooker's Flower lives on not only through Downing, but through his sister Vesting, the third dam of the productive contemporary sire WW Time Warp. Broxsie, by Kithed out of Bliss, also produced Leo Not Lion, a 76-race winner and multiple stakes finalist. Kithed won the 1973 Biscayne Irish-American Derby and was an All-American that year. His son Enisled won the 1979 Hollywood World Classic.

Chara is by Power Reach out of Scandia. Power Reach, by Share Profit* out of Tish The Dish, had a comparatively modest racing career—he ran third in the 1982 Seminole Sprint Championship—but was a successful sire from a fine family. On the track and in breeding however, he was always behind his sisters: Lear Jet ran second in that same Seminole Sprint; Stride Along won the 1983 Grady Memorial Sprint; and Home Award won the 1982 Biscayne Winner-take-all Kennel Championship, ran second in the 1982 Biscayne Irish-American, and was a 1982 Biscayne Derby finalist. The sisters were great dams as well. Lear Jet is found in the pedigrees of such stars as Greys Flamebeau, Talentedmrripley, Cayman Went, Greys Outbound, and Rooftop Moby, and Stride Along is found behind All-American Courageous Nicky. Power Reach's finest achievement at stud was 1989 All American Kail, who won the 1989 Hollywood Futurity and the Southland Guys & Dolls and was the 1989 Southland track champion with 35 wins in 51 starts. Share Profit*, by Monalee Champion out of Ballybeg Pride, won the 1973 Derby Lane Gold Trophy Juvenile and Festival of States Stake as well as the 1973 Wonderland track championship with a 16-5-5 record in 34 starts. He was in the top-20 in the Sire Standings from 1980 through 1985. His influence on the American breed, not only through Power Reach and his fine sisters, but through a host of others, is enormous. His best son was Profit's Andy, the 1983 Flashy Sir Award winner. He won the 1983 Wonderland Derby, the Biscayne Irish-American, the U.S. Marathon Championship and $170,000 in earnings. He went on to sire a number of outstanding greyhounds including the legendary Hall of Fame racer P's Rambling. Other fine Share Profit* daughters include Marine Maiden, Wise Katy and Wise Liz, found in many of today's finest pedigrees. Monalee Champion was whelped in his 10 year-old dam's last litter. No less an observer than Roy Genders, writing three decades ago, called him "the greatest stud dog of all." In addition to Share Profit*, he produced Itsachampion, Linda's Champion, Tain Mor, Jimsun, Wired To Moon, Sole Aim, and Here Sonny—a virtual "Who's Who" of Irish and English racing in the 1970s. Scandia is by Kelly Jones out of Gurley. Kelly Jones, by Hoefer out of Elsie Jones, makes his third appearance in this pedigree. He won the 1972 Wonderland Tri-Distance Stake, but his sire career dwarfed his achievements on the track. His sons Unruly, PK's Jet and Dark Rumor are fixtures in the pedigrees of numerous American champions. Hoefer's production was prolific—bred to Elsie Jones, he produced superstars Onie and Kelly Jones, and the useful sires Demon Jones and Jiff Jones; when crossed with Elsie's sister Linda Jones, he produced Karla Jones, dam of Kelton! Gurley, by Michigan Jack out of Pay Joan, was a 1972 All American. She won the 1972 Biscayne U.S. Marathon in box-to-wire fashion and defeated no less a cast than Carry On, Columba and Big Whizzer at the Flagler Classic. Michigan Jack won the 1962 Hollywood Futurity, the Wonderland Consolation Derby, Hollywood Inaugural, and the Wonderland track championship in 1963 in addition to making the finals of the American Derby. He was second to Cactus Lonesome in the Sire Standings in 1972 and 1973. Pay Joan traces back to the obscure female Little Acre, the 1947 product of Judd, a one year-old dog who jumped an eight-foot fence to mate with Wintime. Judd went on to race in obscurity in class C, but in his one try as a sire he helped create one of America's finest female greyhound families.

Whistler's Stud carries no fewer than five Hall of Fame members in his pedigree—six if one includes HB's Commander who appears twice—two more who should be, Kelly Jones and Monalee Champion, and one who without doubt will be soon, Molotov.