GPA-Springfield, MO

Greyhound Pets of America - Springfield, MO is a volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to find responsible, loving homes for retired racing greyhounds and educate the community about the desirability of greyhounds as pets.  Our passion and commitment to help as many greyhounds as we responsibly can, has led us to extend our efforts beyond our local community when there is a need.

Over the years, we have committed to helping other groups by donating extra funds when they were available and help raise money for these groups, allowing us to help many more greyhounds than we could possibly adopt in our small community.  We are in a county of about 150,000 and the nearest metropolitan areas are three plus hours away.

Our program relies on a core of volunteers to provide foster homes for greyhounds that come to us from Kansas tracks, farms in the Midwest and shelters. Recently, we committed to the placement of 40 greyhounds from a kennel closing in Wichita. Twenty of these greyhounds came to our program and with the assistance of Kate Bressler of Greyhound Support of Kansas City and Teddy Palmer of Halfway Home Greyhounds we were able to find adoption groups for all 40 of these greyhounds.  Without dedicated volunteers and supporters to help us with the associated costs of vetting, boarding when necessary and relocation of some of these greyhounds the task would have been enormous. 

This year, through July 2005, we have adopted/moved 58 greyhounds through our group.  This includes 44 adoptions, and 14 dogs that we’ve taken in, vetted, and sent to other groups.  It doesn’t include dogs that we’ve helped relocate directly from the farms.  Currently, we are also boarding a group of dogs in Wichita until we can bring them into our program.  We have limited foster homes, and they are currently full, but we plan to make sure these dogs are taken care of until we can bring them here.

Alane Shultz is the founder of the 13 year old GPA chapter and has served six years as a national GPA officer.  Alane has had retired racing greyhounds as pets for 23 years.