What RaceForAdoption has meant for SEGA/GPA-Tallahassee

By Pam Davis - October 2004

Just before the RaceForAdoption initiative began in the Spring of 2004, I was truly wondering how we would manage to keep our little operation going down here. We opened the adoption kennel at JCKC in November 2003 and were struggling mightily to pay the bills... RaceForAdoption has allowed us to operate!

From July 2004 - mid October, we have moved 140 dogs into adoption... that's only 35 dogs per month. We are striving toward a goal of at least 50 per month. We probably could've done it, had it not been for the quarantines and hurricanes.  By the end of October that number should be 150, with a new batch of 48 dogs just arrived.

Pam & Don unload dogs after a long journey

The track provides us with a kennel and carpets. They pay 3/4 of the cost of the kennel help. We pay the other 1/4, plus provide all food, supplies, vet expenses, etc. We pay 100% of the hauling fees. Our group in 100% volunteer. The only person being paid is our part-time kennel helper.

Here is how it breaks down:

Hauling fees $8,000
Kennel fees 2,000
Dog food 2,200

Total 12,200

We get approximately 50% of our haul fees back from the dogs' owners. So, subtract $4,200.

Total is now $8,200.

We bought an old junker dog truck to haul dogs to/from the vet. (Nearly all the 140 dogs were spayed/neutered/etc. before they left us.) That cost us $3,000.

So, that's $11,200...

Add in gas, insurance, kennel cleaning supplies, insecticides, Ivomec, medications, etc...

In addition, we have cared for a number of sick and injured dogs. We've recently treated two cases of raging Babesia, one awful bone infection from an old injury and our first
heartworm-positive dog. Without the RaceForAdoption monies, those dogs would be dead. It's one thing to turn a sick/hurt dog away from your program. It's another thing entirely to tell your volunteers you can't afford to treat a dog that is already in the adoption kennel or in a foster home.

This greyhound arrives at an adoption group in PA

Not one penny of any money donated to GPA-Tallahasee/SEGA goes into anybody person's pocket. Our volunteers are not even reimbursed for the many miles they drive to/from the track, to place dogs locally, to do home visits, haul small numbers of dogs to/from nearby adoption groups, etc. All our office supplies are donated.

I didn't include any of our "regular" spay/neuter/etc. expenses, because those are nearly 100% reimbursed by adoption fees or by the receiving groups we haul to. (Our September vet bill was more than $5,600. We were "stiffed" by a receiving group, for a total of nearly $1,200. So, I guess we need to add "bad debt" to the mix...

It's not hard to see where the $15,000 has gone.

The bottom line for GPA-Tallahasee/SEGA is that RaceForAdoption has kept us in business!